on hypocrisy (2020): 

A thought about honesty within an action; 

when there is two choices available and the justification of the choice is based on morals and values - how does one make a choice? 


In this work I state that I am a "hypocrite". While having the choice to pay the full price for the bus ticket, or the discount price that I am not elligible for; through the means of collection and calculation I am searching to discover whether I am honest with myself and with others. Which bus ticket did I purchase more frequently?


Having left my country to pursue a better life where theoretically I can afford the full price bus ticket with no problems, I find myself running back to purchase the discount ticket. Why? Because even if I want to be better than the others, sometimes I am caught off guard by the actions that make me be just like them. 


scanned bus tickets

inkjet paper